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Off-gird solar Power System




Component parts

The system includes solar cell modules, batteries, power controllers, DC/AC inverters, power transmissions and distributions, and DC/AC loads.


Working Principle

Solar cell modules transform solar energy into electricity for DC load through power controllers also charging the batteries; meanwhile the DC output from the controller and the battery is switched into the inverter converting to be AC for loadIn continuous overcast or rainy days, power output from the solar cell modules cannot reach to the load power demand. Automatically the battery will supply power via inverterAlso, the system can be equipped with monitoring system for the performance of the entire system and operation

Grid-connected solar power system


Component parts

The system includes solar cell modules, power controllers, DC/AC inverters, power transmissions and distributions devices, meters


Working principle

The system generates electricity by solar cell modules from solar energy and through inverter conversing from DC into AC. Then supply to utility power cable as storage units.



Thanks to financial incentive programs for solar grid-connected system, it has been developed rapidly, and applied in various fields, such as roof grid-connection power generation and grid-connection project in spare space. Financial incentive programs are implemented by governmental support to the PV industry.



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