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    Solar Street Lightings TOP


Solar module capacity:60Wp-200WP available from 1-4bloks
Lamp-post altitude: 5M-10M
Lighting time: shinning day at about 6hours/days, the cloudy at about 3-5 days

Engineered Futures
Unique microprocessor-controlling technology for high performance and lower consumptions
Rapid charging and floating charging technology 
low-loss, long-life mosfet as the main switching devices
Necessary protections
Long life expectancy due to characteristic of solar cell
Temperature-compensation function
Strong capacity of controller on open circuit voltage shock
Wireless or wired telecom. function, being easy to monitor and control
Spurted Light-post material with special plastic anti-water/moisture.  

    Solar Landscape Lamps TOP

General Descriptiion
Solar landscape lamp is designed to landscape the city with energy-saving performance. It is especially suitable to be installed in the public square, residential areas and garden roads.


Engineered Futures 

l          Convenient to install duo to self power generating

l          Time-set controlling and light controlling, necessary protections 

l          Lower controller power consumption

l          Auto voltage adjusting per charging and discharging

l          Strong controller capacity to voltage shock

l          Multiple LED flashing colors per programmer

l          Lamp pole is painted aluminum and with optional colors at height of 2.5-3.5m

l          Power Ranging from 3.5W-9W while light source from 3.5-9W

    Solar Lawn Lamp TOP

General Description

Solar lawn lamp achieves the purpose of embellishment and creating a harmonious atmosphere, consists of solar cell, LED lights, lithium battery, or lead-and-acid protection-free battery. Its impact-protection design, durability and beautiful appearance add to its appliance possibility of parks, courtyards, playgrounds and some top-grade entertainment places.


Engineered Futures

l          Over charging, and over discharging protections for the power storage module

l          Necessary protections and controlling for charging and discharging

l          Switch on and off automatically

l          Long life expectancy duo to characteristics of solar cells and stainless steel/aluminum lamp material

l          Multiple choice of power capacity ranging from 0.5W to 3W


    Solar Traffic Signal Lights TOP

General Description

The solar traffic signal lights are solar powered systems with high brightness LED designed for outdoor warning light applications.  They are ideal for intersection warning signs, school crossing signals and obstruction.


Solar horizontal signal lights, solar vertical signal lights, solar mobile signal lamps and solar yellow flashing lights


Engineered Features

l          100% solar powered saving energy

l          Fast and easy installation

l          No buried or overhead cables

l          Low maintenance

l          Super-bright LED Bulbs (multiple color available) for strong visibility

l          long service life with reliability and stability

l          Wide operation temperature range from -2065

l          Work time: 24 h/day for 7-15 overcast days


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